He said the challenges and difficulties involved in obtaining C of O, layout permit, building plan approval, among others, were responsible for the existence of many illegal buildings in the state. According to Ubosi, the processes and requirements are too cumbersome, time-consuming and expensive, and needs to be simplified. He said that simplification of the processes would enhance building construction developments in the state and also impact on the general development of the economy. According to the FIABCI boss, the cumbersome nature of the process has made developers to build without government building plan approval since the C of O was one of the requirements for getting the building plan approval. He suggested exclusion of Certificate of Occupancy C of O from the requirements needed for granting building plan approval in the state. He said that the bureaucratic process of moving application files to LIRS office and other responsible offices were other factors delaying the process of granting land titles. Ubosi urged that more should be done to increase public awareness of the land registration system, saying that making the process more public-friendly required that the public should be well-informed. To get thousands of free final year project topics and other project materials sorted by subject to help with your research [click here] Share.

Supporters’ Club Sympathises With Lagos Govt on Tinubu’s Death

I was born in Chicago; my dad is Edo and mum is from the United States. Is this your first time in Nigeria? What stage do you hope to get to in the second leg? Well, I just want to play a good match, put up a good fight and give my best on Monday today. I do agree they have a great future ahead.

Jan 26,  · Deji Tinubu reportedly slumped and died yesterday evening in Epe, during a novelty football match between cabinet members of Lagos State government. Ikpea, in the emotion laden message stated that Tinubu’s death came at the wrong time as the state government was moving towards the dream of making Lagos the sports hub in Africa.

When a probe finally reaches Europa, its search for life may be modeled on trial runs like this. The rover’s spotlight begins to glow. It may not sound like a technological tour de force, but this could be the first small step toward the exploration of a distant moon. Like the other scientists with her, Boston wears an industrial-strength respirator and carries a canister of spare air to cope with the poisonous hydrogen sulfide and carbon monoxide gases that frequently permeate the cave.

The rushing water around her feet is laced with sulfuric acid. Suddenly her headlamp illuminates an elongated droplet of thick, semitransparent fluid oozing from the chalky, crumbling wall. Is there life beyond our planet? Life on other worlds, whether in our own solar system or orbiting distant stars, might well have to survive in ice-covered oceans, like those on Jupiter’s moon Europa, or in sealed, gas-filled caves, which could be plentiful on Mars.

If you can figure out how to isolate and identify life-forms that thrive in similarly extreme surroundings on Earth, you’re a step ahead in searching for life elsewhere. It’s difficult to pin down when the search for life among the stars morphed from science fiction to science, but one key milestone was an astronomy meeting in November When he called the meeting, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, or SETI, “was essentially taboo in astronomy,” Drake, now 84, remembers.

But with his lab director’s blessing, he brought in a handful of astronomers, chemists, biologists, and engineers, including a young planetary scientist named Carl Sagan, to discuss what is now called astrobiology, the science of life beyond Earth.

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Increasingly, small underdog soccer teams across Africa — and soccer jersey collectors around the world — are finding a partner in AMS, which operates with just a handful of staff on the other side of the planet. Founded in , the company currently provides uniforms for between six and 10 African national soccer teams, depending on how you count more on that in a moment.

South Sudan’s players embrace their captain James Joseph Moga center. When he started producing uniforms, Westcott was 19 and had built a small business reselling obscure and unique soccer jerseys to the niche community of collectors around the world.

Aug 15,  · Co-Founder Matchmaking in Lagos. Thank YOU everyone for making the very first co-founder matchmaking event by Founder2be in Africa a big success! A big thanks goes to all our dear speakers, everyone who attended to listen, share their experiences, ideas and skills, and, of course, Chinedu and Emeka, our ambassadors in Lagos.

Click here for the History of Slavery from a North American and European perspective Contrary to conventional thought, Slavery was NOT only endured by Blacks, all peoples have at one time or another been enslaved. The irony is that it is Blacks who appear to have created the institution of Slavery. As the creators of civilization, and the builders of the worlds first cities, Blacks logically were the first to have a need for slaves, as a source of free labor.

Slavery in ancient cultures was known to occur in civilizations as old as Sumer, and it was found in every civilization, including Ancient Egypt, the Akkadian Empire, Assyria, Ancient Greece, Rome and parts of its empire. Were that man my king, were that his angry brow, were those his bison eyes, were that his lapis lazuli beard, were those his elegant fingers, would he not cast down multitudes, would he not raise up multitudes, would multitudes not be smeared with dust, would not all the nations be overwhelmed, would not the land’s canal-mouths be filled with silt, would not the barges’ prows be broken, and would he not take Aga, the king of Kic, captive in the midst of his army?

They beat Birhur-tura’s entire length. Gilgamesh climbed up on the rampart after the officer of Unug. His radiance overwhelmed Kulaba’s young and old. He armed Unug’s able-bodied men with battle maces and stationed them on the causeway at the city gate’s door. Only Enkidu went out through the city gate.

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Get Sky F1 F1 The good, the bad and the ugly – the end of year awards Picking out some of the most memorable moments of the year – and have your say at the bottom of the page They made us wait, but McLaren’s divertido means of confirming Fernando Alonso’s new deal was worth it McLaren announce the news of Fernando Alonso’s contract extension with a video from their base in Woking of their workers learning Spanish McLaren announce the news of Fernando Alonso’s contract extension with a video from their base in Woking of their workers learning Spanish Comeback of the year: Its final destination may not now result in a race seat but for Robert Kubica to reach this far, six years after his arm was partially amputated in a rally crash, was undoubtedly one of the sporting stories of

The Lagos Dating Party was a huge success, organized by Intimacy Lagos, planned by House of Ebony-Ebony events. A mill ion thanks to Dr Tolu of Wazobia FM. Special thanks to Mc Busymouth.

The title is not very appropriate. Why not call it “marriage church” And why is there so much emphasis on the pay as though it is a form of extortion? Nothing is wrong with matchmaking in Gods house provided it is done by the spirit Somewhat in my opinion. If your aim is to hook people up, why collect money to do it?. N for countless partners till u get your choice makes sense. I will continue to get you new ones until you get your choice. The money you paid does not have period of expiry.

The organization needs to run its self, settle bills, and cater for logistics stationeries, phone calls, transport etc from N

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World Mar 25, 1: Military authorities annulled the presidential elections. How are you going to improve on education? How are you going to improve the health care system?

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August 27, Capital: Enugu State was created on August 27, The state is situated on the highlands of the Agwu. Udi and Nsukka Hills to the east as well as Oji-River basin to the west. Enugu State has a total of 17 seventeen local government areas. The state is in the region of the tropical rain forest and the great oil belt of Nigeria. The annual rainfall ranges between cm to cm.

Temperature is between 32 and 87 when it is hottest between February, may and October each year. The state is predominantly agricultural with yarn, palm produce and rice being their main produce. There is in place an agricultural policy aimed at maximizing its agricultural potentials. Though the National Electric Power Authority NEPA has a network of electric installations in the State, their services do not cover most of the communities in the state. This prompted the establishment of a Rural Electrification Board in the State.

A great deal of importance is attached to education in the State.

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The national flag consists of three vertical stripes. The green outer stripes represent Nigerian agriculture. The white center stripe represents unity and peace.

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In less than a year into the marriage, the couple seemed not to be the perfect match for each other as Ehi once called out Ken, with the allegation that he is occultic and had plans to kill their daughter. She although apologised some days after the public accusation, but in a new interview with Stella Dimokokurkus, the Lagos hotelier has revealed that her marriage to her estranged husband was a curse and she regretted being a part of his family. Does it even make sense that he is married…I am even still Married to him cos he has not returned my bride price.

He is a mad man. She was ill for one week and Ken did not call me all through because he knew what he had done and he will die before his time…. A slow painful one for everything he did to Ibuere.. He deprived my daughter of a naming ceremony and dedication. Hes a lunatic…Ibuere is his 10th child and out of his 10 children from six different women,Ken does not see over 6 of them. There is a child that is 3 years old and Ken has not seen that child. I used to ask him these things and he will lie to me that the women tried to harm him or juju him and every woman he has been with Tomba,Ese,Vivian that had children for him are so frustrated now and cannot afford to pay their kids school fees.

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