By road[ edit ] Scam alert Beware of scams when entering Cambodia overland. In Poipet which is a visa-free zone, you can always change your Thai baht into US dollars with cigarette vendors or restaurants. Insist on paying for your visa with US dollars. When dealing with custom officers, standing firm and keeping smiling will give you a long way to go. See the Visas section for full details. In the list of borders below, the Cambodian town comes second; eg:

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Ho Chi Minh City has gone by several different names during its history, reflecting settlement by different ethnic, cultural and political groups. It may also refer to the dense and tall forest that once existed around the city, a forest to which the Khmer name, Prey Nokor, already referred. Prey means forest or jungle, and nokor is a Khmer word of Sanskrit origin meaning city or kingdom, and related to the English word ‘Nation’ — thus, “forest city” or “forest kingdom”.

This name, though not his given name, was one he favored throughout his later years. Today this forms the area of Ho Chi Minh City.

Day 1: Ho Chi Minh City – My Tho – Embarkation Meet at the Sofitel Plaza Hotel in Saigon at for the transfer arrangement to My Tho, located 70 kilometers away from Ho Chi Minh City. The transfer includes a stop at the market in Cholon – Saigon ‘s China Town and visit to a lacquer factory.

Vietnamese Declaration of Independence, September 2, September 2, “All men are created equal; they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights; among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. In a broader sense, this means: All the peoples on the earth are equal from birth, all the peoples have a right to live, to be happy and free. Nevertheless, for more than eighty years, the French imperialists, abusing the standard of Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity, have violated our Fatherland and oppressed our fellow citizens.

The have acted contrary to the ideals of humanity and justice. In the field of politics, they have deprived our people of every democratic liberty. They have enforced inhuman laws; they have set up three distinct political regimes in the North, the Center, and the South of Viet-Nam in order to wreck our national unity and prevent our people from being united. They have built more prisons than schools.

They have mercilessly slain our patriots; they have drowned our uprisings in rivers of blood. They have fettered public opinion; they have practiced obscurantism against our people. To weaken our race they have forced us to use opium and alcohol. In the field of economics, they have fleeced us to the backbone, impoverished our people and devastated our land.

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I normally ride my bike to Vung Tau if the weather is good but decided to try the Vung Tau ferry as i read some good reviews. Vung Tau is a quiet beach town around 90km away from Ho Chi Minh. The service is operated by Greenlines DP ferry and the boats are new and feel safe. I get tired of the shitty traffic in Saigon so the thought of a relaxing boat ride to Vung Tau seemed like a good idea.

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You certainly admire an ancient Hanoi with the colonial French architecture houses through our trips to Vietnam, or Vietnam and Cambodia tours. It is perhaps that only in Hanoi you can see thousands of motorbikes driving in the same street. It seems to be quite strange and complicated, but it is too original that it will surprise you and give you more excited. People love Hanoi for its traditional values and deep connection to Vietnamese culture.

If you feel evidently with the interminable high-speed highways, the far away mini-marts or super-markets in your country, Hanoi seems really different. Small shops, local restaurants, hawkers, and general stores appear ins and outs. Here, the other generations in a family often live together in the same house. In each family, they have an altar to worship their ancestor.

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Get daily news updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email The moment a truck gets hit by a high-speed commuter train after getting stuck on the tracks was caught on camera in this dramatic CCTV footage. The driver leaps from his cab seconds before impact as he and some colleagues try to move the stricken lorry.

After efforts seem fruitless and the locomotive is seen in the distance, the friends try to slow the train, which was travelling from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, by waving frantically at it.

Police hunting S. Korean gang over assault on rivals in Ho Chi Minh City One dead as car hits four motorbikes in Ho Chi Minh City Audi car reversing at high speed plows into traffic in Hanoi.

The flag is red with a five-pointed gold star in the center. The dong d is a paper currency of 10 hao and xu. There are coins of 1, 2, and 5 xu, and notes of 5 xu, 1, 2, and 5 hao, and 1, 2, 5, and 10 dong. The metric system is the legal standard, but some traditional measures are still used. Movable holidays include the Vietnamese New Year Tet. Comparatively, the area occupied by Vietnam is slightly larger than the state of New Mexico. At its narrowest, Vietnam is only 50 km 31 mi across.

The nation is bordered on the n by China , on the e by the Gulf of Tonkin , on the e and s by the South China Sea, on the sw by the Gulf of Thailand , and on the w by Cambodia and Laos , with a total land boundary of 4, km 2, mi and a coastline of 3, km 2, mi. Before unification, which was proclaimed on 3 July , Vietnam was divided in two by the 17th parallel. Both archipelagoes are reportedly surrounded by rich undersea oil reserves, and are productive fishing grounds.

China has occupied the Paracel Islands since , when Chinese troops drove a South Vietnamese garrison from the western islands.

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By Judson Phillips A number of years ago, I was in criminal court waiting on a client’s case to be called. A pro-se defendant was pleading his case with the judge and saying things he should not. The judge advised him a couple of times not to talk. Finally, in exasperation, the judge looked down at him and said, “Sir, you have the right to remain silent but apparently not the ability. By Lark Gould Will this be your bucket list year for travel?

Todd Wood I can remember the wailing and gnashing of teeth in Europe as President Ronald Reagan deployed medium-range nuclear missiles into Western Europe to counter the Soviet threat.

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It’s a quick process minutes as long as there isn’t a queue. Nov – Vietnam Embassy in Bangkok charges 1, baht c. Bear in mind that if you go on a Friday, you still have to wait until Monday to get your visa even if you paid for next day. If you don’t have a passport photo, go out of the embassy, turn left and a hundred metres up the road on the left is a big shopping centre, called All Season’s Place. Make SURE to tell them it’s for a Vietnam visa as passport photos and visa are different sizes for different countries.

They’d rather scam a couple other people in the same time it would take. March A single entry tourist visa valid for 30 days costs baht. A single entry 3-month tourist visa costs baht. A multiple entry, 3-month visa costs baht. The consulate only accepts Thai baht in cash no other currencies or credit cards.

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The whole city area lies on a peninsula which is separated from the mainland by a gulf river called Co May river. Nevertheless, the French succeeded in conquering the southern part of Vietnam by 18 February On 1 May the governor of Cochinchina established by decree that Cap Saint Jacques would thereafter be an autonomous town. Most of the town’s population made their living in the fishing industry. In , Cap Saint Jacques became a province, and in became a city commune.

It has traditionally been a significant port, particularly during Vietnam’s period of French rule.

After efforts seem fruitless and the locomotive is seen in the distance, the friends try to slow the train, which was travelling from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, by waving frantically at it.

You leave Saigon to My Tho city, about 75km, 1h30 by free way, this is the first free way in the South of Vietnam. An unforgettable way of seeing the Mekong Delta is driving along the provincial Roads down on the Southern Region of Vietnam through the Paddy rice fields, orchards and small hamlets. You enjoy fresh coconut juice on the boat. Your first visit at Unicorn island where you taste the natural pure honey bee, bee pollen and Royal jelly bee.

Your second visit byboat is in the Dragon Island where you can see how the local people make coconut candy and rice paper. This is the special product in the Ben Tre province. Walking on the village, you pass the Monkey Bridge, then you take the Horse Carriage about 1,5km around the village. Upon arrival at the Garden, you can eat the tropical fruits as pine-apple, water melon, longan, royal bananas. Next, you take a sampan, rowing boat by hand, about 2km, you can discover the rural daily life of local people inside the water coconut tree jungle.

Check in at your hotel.

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Its nearness to Saigon and its beauty and fresh air makes it a very popular destination for weekends. The city lies on a peninsula which is separated from the mainland by a stream called the Co May River. This marked an important period in Vietnam’s war against French invaders in South Vietnam then called Cochinchina. Most of the town’s population made their living in the fishing industry.

Economy and society[ edit ] The city is in south Vietnam, and is at the tip of a small peninsula.

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However the old Saigon name is still used by both Vietnamese and foreigners, especially when referring to the most central part of the city to which most tourists flock. The village was situated on swampland and remained in the hands of the Khmer Cambodians for many centuries until floods of Vietnamese immigration arrived during the 17th Century A.

The immigrants first came in with permission from the Cambodian king, but later waves came uninvited, while Cambodia was too weakened by a war with Thailand to stop them. Early Saigon[ edit ] In , Prey Nokor, and the whole lower Mekong river delta, was formally annexed by Vietnam and became known as Saigon. Prey Nokor had been the Khmer’s most important sea port, and its loss isolated them from international commerce on the South China Sea. Saigon was a great gain to Vietnam, however, and soon grew into a major settlement.

French Saigon[ edit ] After more than a century and a half under Vietnamese rule, Saigon fell to an invading coalition of French and Spanish forces in and then became part of the colony of French Indochina. Under French rule, Saigon was filled with Western architecture, and French villas still remain in the city to this day. When France fell to Nazi Germany in , Saigon and French Indochina came under the administration of Vichy France, but within a matter of months, the Japanese had taken control.

Technically, the Japanese and Vichy France “co-ruled” Saigon, but it was Japan that truly ran things. In , the Communist Viet Minh led by Ho Chi Minh declared Vietnam independent and soon began a guerrilla war against the restored French colonial government. Capitalist Vietnamese declared their own state in , with its capital in Saigon, re-establishing the former Vietnamese emperor until the Republic of Vietnam was declared in During the 50’s, they supported the French against all rebels.

On April 30th, , however, the U.

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Sensing an ominous presence in the room, you try to turn your head for a better look but you can’t move. You open your mouth to scream but find your throat unresponsive. Gripped by a blinding fear, you struggle against an invisible force holding you down. What sounds like a scene from a horror film is, in fact, a condition known as sleep paralysis.

This phenomenon has taken on a paranormal dimension in various interpretations across cultures.

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Messages to America: The Letters of Ho Chi Minh

We will drive to Can Tho for check in the hotel on arrival. Free at leisure and have dinner. After dinner, you can walk and have a look around the night market, have a coffee break by the river. You will then stay overnight in Can Tho.

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This article will explain exactly what a digital nomad does, the visa situation for digital nomads in Vietnam, and if being a digital nomad in Vietnam is worth it. I mean, there are lots of guide, but they all suck. You just gotta find the way yourself. No handholding with this. With that being said, this article will provide some details on the more nitty-gritty details and the lifestyle choices. Now that we got that out of the way we can go over the process of becoming a digital nomad in Ho Chi Minh City.

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