The Vampire Diaries 3×6: Welcome to another weekly recap of The Vampire Diaries! So I have some serious expectations for this episode! What else is going on? Oh yeah, Tyler’s a hybrid, and Michael, aka Sebastian Roche, vampire, vampire hunter might be becoming un-dead-dead, and Matt can now see the ghost of girlfriends past now, well, sisters past for him. I think it’s also a good time to bring up something that has always bothered me:

Klaus and Caroline

Damon needed to fuck, and Rebekah just so happened to be there. Sure, she wasn’t Elena — having her blonde hair everywhere made sure that he couldn’t forget it — but the brunette had made it clear that nothing was going to happen between them. And even though Damon was a vampire, he was still a guy. A guy who hadn’t had sex since his fake girlfriend had died. That was months ago, and Damon was getting angsty.

Angsty for some action.

Jan 24,  · Damon is compelled to do the unthinkable, Bonnie’s witch powers are starting to become uncontrollable and Rebekah comes face to face with Klaus in “Catch Me If You Can.”.

The Vampire Diaries 3. Mama Original Esther Alice Evans ordered her children to make the party violence free, but is this something they can deliver? The timing of this Entertainment Weekly cover is pretty perfect as the good old love triangle took another direction this evening, which will most likely enrage and please equal amounts of viewers. As Damon Ian Somerhalder showed that his emotions were possibly becoming a problem when it comes to the dealing with the Originals, Stefan Paul Wesley refused to reveal any of his.

This is when Damon is at his most dangerous and as we have seen he can be rather impulsive; this time he looked to the nearest person who was also feeling low and had a rather fiery hook up with Rebekah Claire Holt after Matt rejected her. This final scene of passion is sure to leave some fans reeling, especially after the heated Stefan and Elena porch chat that looked like it might end in a kiss, but it all just adds another layer of tension and drama to the story. Klaus might have a more pressing issue to contend with as his mother indeed wants to correct the balance with nature and has set a plan in motion to kill him.

Esther even seems to have her very own Oedipus as Finn Casper Zafer is aware of the plan and offers up his blood to complete the link and the spell. Elijah Daniel Gillies is the most perceptive of the siblings and is correct in believing his mother has an ulterior motive. Elena lies to Elijah about what she knows and feels bad about it; these two really have an odd but rather wonderful bond.

Other observations -Did Elena really come up with the neck breaking plan? Or is Stefan just trying to rile his brother? Klaus also reveals himself to be quite the artist; did you think his drawing of Caroline with the horse was cute or cheesy? Did Elena just happen to have a spare ball gown in her closet for an emergency situation like this?

Klaus and Caroline

An unknown film maker gets a 2 hour interview with Kubrick and he spills the beans to him, and pulls out an 88 page NDA for him to sign. Then Kubrick dies three days later. The reasons Kubrick gives are exactly what the conspiracy community speculated. This is not to say that Kubrick was not involved, but this looks like fakery. Look at the other work the film maker is involved in.

Rebekah pushed down his boxers, jumped up, wrapped her legs around his waist and he entered her like that. Thank god for vampiric strength, they both thought. Without it Damon wouldn’t be able to lift her up just to slam her back down on himself again.

Mar 29, 9: While he may have lost some of that murderous luster, his need to forever bang Katherine Pierce along with trying to figure out how he can get back on civil terms with Klaus is an admirable quality all the same. Not even Gatorade can handle this. But Elijah, forever wanting to take Katherine to vamp pound town, is willing to screw over poor Rebekah for some immortal boning.

Elena is on a murder spree. The ending of this episode was bonkers, and frankly made me think about immortal or not, these kids are still in high school. Which sucks because an emotionless Elena going toe to toe with Katherine should have been more amusing than it was. They could have went buddy cop vibe. Criminals, vandals, violence, anything! But instead, Nina Dobrev proved her worth as a cardboard box of an actress and proceeded to let Rebekah shine in every single one of their scenes.

‘Vampire Diaries’: Major Game-Changer Reveals Origins of ‘The Five’

Elena dreams of simpler times when her parents, Grayson and Miranda, and Aunt Jenna were still alive and her biggest concern was her relationship with Matt. Stefan and Damon leave Mystic Falls together on a mission, but soon split up when Elena needs one of them. Elijah returns and asks for Klaus’ body in return for luring Alaric away.

A/N: So this fic is based on Kelly Clarkson’s I Do Not Hook-Up. I was in the shower and the song came on and then I thought of my OTP (lol). This is my first time writing a fic so reviews would be nice.

A powerful warrior who can provide a large army to help them reclaim the Iron Throne But is this the only danger for her? Bella runs away from Washington t find her biological dad to help her. As Bella goes into her senior year of high school in Lima she has settled into her new home. Bella’s senior year will bring drama, love and friendship. As Bella sets her sights on her future can these relationships survive?

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A group of five shirtless men stand in the woods. It should come as no surprise to regular TVD viewers that in olden times the men were shirtless, with sculpted abs and waxed chests. The shirtless dudes also have the same vampire hunter tattoos. Right now, someone is taking screen shots of this scene to take to their neighborhood tattoo parlor. They both conclude that Connor is alive. Stefan proclaims himself over their brotherly fight though he will always be angry that Elena Nina Dobrev fed on Damon.

Damon and Elena (3×19 And when these two finally hook up in season 3, well, let’s just say it was mooooooooore than worth the wait! 3. Damon and Rebekah (3×14 – Dangerous Liaisons).

Stefan, with a few choice comments from Damon, tells Elena that she was in an accident, that Meredith Fell had healed her with vampire blood the other night and that she had died with vampire blood in her system. Downstairs, he and Damon argue about what to do next: Stefan wants to do everything they can to find a way out of Elena’s transition, while Damon wants her to accept the inevitable, feed on human blood and not risk dying permanently.

It is there that Stefan confesses his regrets about Elena not feeding in order to complete her transition. In a heartfelt moment, Stefan tells Elena that he loves her. Elena, who continues to weaken without blood, confesses that the reason she was on the bridge was because she was coming back for Stefan, and that no matter what happens, it’s the best choice she has ever made.

Desperate to save Elena, Stefan quietly plots with Rebekah. Stefan alerts Elena to the growing pool of blood on the ground. Elena gathers what little strength she has left and manages to dip a finger in the blood and taste it, completing the transition. After Stefan, Elena and Rebekah escape and are let free, Stefan then uses his blood to heal Matt after Damon had bitten him. Matt then tells Stefan that he wishes that he would stop saving him, that Stefan should have let him drown and saved Elena.

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It would be great if you write the next part. For example a school party. Klaus and Rebekah want to hurt Elena. Stefan and Damon looking for Elena. But they in one of the classrooms found Kol between thighs their sister.

Stefan showed up and saved Damon. We loved the “you’re welcome,” but we also appreciated the reminder that this show is, ultimately, a love story between brothers.

Reblog Belle of the Ball Request: Sexual tension, sexual implication You sit at the edge of your bed staring at the 2 ball gowns hanging up in your wardrobe, trying to decide which one you should wear to the Mikaelson Ball tonight. You have been on the guest years for a few years now since you are best friends with Rebekah Mikaelson who is also your sire.

You and Rebekah went everywhere together, and not because she sired you but because you both genuinely got on like a house on fire, you were practically sisters. You stand up and take the 2 gowns you wanted out of the wardrobe and throw them on the bed. Rebekah giggles and sits next to you, stroking your hair. I have just the perfect colour for you! Rebekah holds up a beautiful light pink ball gown, with bits of lace wrapped around the enormous skirt.

You had never seen anything so beautiful! You hang it up and hug Rebekah, thanking her for her help and you start getting ready for the ball.

The Vampire Diaries 3×18 Damon Tortured By Rebekah Scene.